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Home Design

The Grand Petite is a carefully curated suite of small, permanent homes ranging from 600 to 1,500 square feet. With every amenity, full basements, and underground parking, these are not toy homes; they are small handcrafted masterpieces guaranteed to last a lifetime and grow rapidly in value.


Beautiful Homes

Every home in The Grand Petite is handcrafted and unique, each a celebration of architectural styles, from the enchanting charm of Gothic, Greek, and Italian revivals to the majestic splendor of Tudor, Victorian, and Queen Anne styles. The development also features exquisite Old Norse, Northern Thailand, Zakopane, and Isbas architectures for those with a penchant for the exotic. And, for the modernists, select homes to showcase the sleek lines of Modern and Futurist designs. See our Home Gallary.

24 Blocks

There are 240 homes in The Grand Petite divided into 24 blocks.  This New Urban design promotes intimate neighborhoods and social cohesion.

Block Layout

The red squares represent homes in The Grand Petite. Each home has its own lot measuring 30’ x 30’ with a walkway out front and a tree-lined boulevard. These cozy blocks offer the privacy of private homes and the intimacy of close-knit communities.

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