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Domus ad Mare

Lanna House

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Domus ad Mare

The ancient name for the Mediterranean Sea in Spain was "Mare Nostrum", which means "our sea" in Latin. "Domas ad Mare" is Latin for House by the Sea.


Welcome to "Domus ad Mare," the perfect blend of Mediterranean and Craftsman styles in our charming 600 square feet one-story home. The Mediterranean style, which originated in Italy and Greece, brings warmth and sunshine to the design with its bright colors and stucco exterior, while the Craftsman style, which was born in America, adds a touch of coziness and simplicity with its natural materials and handcrafted details.


This unique fusion creates an inviting atmosphere that celebrates both old-world charm and modern-day living. The open floor plan and luxurious amenities, including a gourmet kitchen and spa-inspired bathroom, make this house perfect for entertaining guests or relaxing after a long day. Imagine yourself sitting on the front porch, sipping on a glass of wine, and watching the sunset over the rolling hills. This is the perfect home for those who appreciate the beauty of both old and new and who want to live a peaceful and stylish life in the heart of nature. Come visit our Mediterranean-Craftsman home and see for yourself why it's the perfect blend of beauty and functionality.

Experience the beauty of petite living.

Uncommon Design, Inc.

Madison, WI 53593

Tel: 123-456-7890

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