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A Car Free Haven

Grand Petite is a car-free haven, where walking paths and bike trails replace roads. Breathe in the fresh air as you navigate the lush surroundings, soaking in the sights and sounds of a vibrant community.

Underground Parking

Discover our state-of-the-art underground parking facility, the Auto Parlor. Accommodating over 300 cars, this innovative solution remains discreetly hidden beneath the development, leaving the surface uncluttered and exclusively reserved for picturesque walking paths and bike trails.

Auto Parlor

The Grand Petite has redefined the conventional underground parking experience by transforming it into a breathtaking visual journey.  The moment you enter the premises, you'll be greeted by an Art Nouveau interior that evokes the warm ambiance of a Parisian boulevard at dusk. It's not a parking garage; it's an auto parlor.

Access Shelters

Experience unparalleled comfort and luxury with our visionary approach to harmonizing the demands of modern urban living with the tranquility of a pedestrian-friendly environment.

Sophisticated enclosed stairways provide residents with easy access to the underground Auto Parlor. With secure keycard doors, the access shelters also provide residents with a safe and sheltered passage.

Access shelters are exquisitely crafted, continuing the expression of the Art Nouveau style of the Auto Parlor.

Walking and Biking Paths

The Grand Petite has an extensive network of biking paths (blue) and walking paths (tan), ensuring seamless access to every home, access shelter, retail shop, and the picturesque Central Park with its myriad amenities. You will never see a car or smell exhaust fumes in this urban oasis.  

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